Riccardo Corciolani lives and works in Novara. Fter graduating as an accountant takes on the faculty of Management of Cultural Heritage in Vercelli and in parallel develops his artistic orientation inspired by the contemporary movements and comic book culture.

He works as a scenographer for the Milan Theorem in various Mediterranean locations including Croatia, Tunisia and Greece. Back in Italy, he assiduously attended the studio of the painter Oronzo Mastro, in the historical center of Novara, a studio that would become his main home for many years. The following years are characterized by long trips to Central and South America, Asia and North Africa. When the son is born, he returns to his hometown and starts collaborating with various galleries and institutions.

Riccardo Corciolani has the ability to re-examine classical art. Contaminate the best known Renaissance iconographies with Pop culture by creating an ironic and fun criticism of today's society. And here is a sign from the crucifix with "come back immediately" without Christ, or ducks land and take the place of the great patrons of the past or even Star Wars characters invade one of the most iconic scenes, the Madonna with the child. With an almost comic-like character, the artist "stages our dogmas by inserting perplexity and genius. The color palette is always white / black, primary red, blue and green.

Thanks to his irony Riccardo Corciolani has become famous nationally by entering the contemporary market.

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