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Nasce la prima linea di design della galleria. IT'S A GAF Quante volte ci imbattiamo in opere d'arte incomprensibili o tutte uguali tra loro?È così che gli oggetti pensati in questa collezione si tolgono le vesti di arte per far scoprire loro a. Tutti gli oggetti di IT'S A GAF sono a numero limitatissimo, anche se di design. Divertitevi a giocare!Scheda prodottoFLOWER TOYSize: 11x11x1cm (ogni scultura)Colour: Gold and pinkEN The gallery's first design line is born. IT'S A GAF How many times do we come across incomprehensible or all of them in incomprehensible works of art? This is how the objects in this collection take off the robes of art to make them discover themselves, they are games, "gaffes" (word game with the name of the gallery). FLOWER TOYThe pop design is emphasized in neon colors, the fundamental love of the latest street art. All IT'S A GAF items are in very small numbers, even if they are by design. Have fun playing!
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