Adry De Martino from Puglia, has lived in Milan since 2007 and is a freelance illustrator.

He studies at the IED MODALAB in Milan and works in the fashion world, as an accessory designer for several famous brands.

In a moment of work stall and saturation of her role, she decides to come out through social media, with her designs, which are immediately appreciated, for their messages dedicated to female empowerment and bright shades.

Abandon the world of fashion, to devote himself solely to illustration, collaborating with individuals and companies.

Characteristic are its characters with whimsical shapes, which perfectly enclose the concept of imperfect and strong personality.

For about a year, she has also integrated that of an apprentice tattoo artist to her illustrator activity, putting on a tattoo project called #tatuagginicoraggiosi, that is, designs purely in her style that do not follow a current of tradition, but are born in the paper to end up on the skin .

He defines himself as a "bread and wine" person, who does not hide his Apulian origins to which he is very close and with whom he lives a double life, dividing himself between Puglia and Milan.

His creativity is constantly evolving, developing on different supports, from paper, to wood, to ceramic, to fabric, to the human body.


If it were a color it would be red.

Adry De Martino on the occasion of the Leonardian year presents three site specific works created specifically for the gallery. A limited edition will be available online on the website for a limited period of time! The three iconic women of Leonardo da Vinci reviewed by the unique gaze of one of the most famous illustrators!